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Have you ever heard of the “limited scope retainer”?  I can help you with specific parts of your family law matter or divorce matter or just answer some questions you have.  You can customize the type of help you need and control how much you spend on legal fees.

For example, you purchased the divorce kit from the Alberta Queens Printer or obtained Court forms for a Court application under the Family Law Act.   You just need a lawyer to look over these documents for you or explain the next steps (serving these documents or filing the documents at the Courthouse).  The cost is only $330.75 (includes GST) for this service being a one (1) hour meeting.  The benefit: you know the Court documents are right and you know what the next steps are.  You know what to expect.

Or maybe  you are self-representing in Court and need a lawyer to help clarify the process for you: how do you address the Court, how do you present your documents (evidence) to the Court, how do you put a Court Order together?  The cost varies depending on the complexity of your matter but we can determine how much assistance you need and set a one time fee.  The benefit is you are better prepared for Court.

Or maybe you are self-representing in Court, and need a lawyer  (for Court appearances only), we could work out a set number of hours (2 to 4 hours for example) where I would appear in Court for you.  This would be  a “one time” fee based on how many hours of help you would need.  If you need more assistance, we can always work out different types of limited scope retainers.  The benefit is you know how much your legal fees will be.


We can also assist you with independent legal advice, one on one consultation for “Do Your Own Divorce or Court Applications” (limited scope retainers), different agreements (Cohabitation agreements, Separation agreements and Pre-nuptial agreements) Mediation, Negotiation and Litigation.

We also provide assistance with Emergency Protection Orders (EPOs), Restraining Orders and Queen’s Bench Protection Orders.  We are very experienced in high conflict matters and Court Trials in the Provincial Court and the Court of Queen’s Bench.

New clients and enquiries are always welcome.  We are a phone call away:(780) 761-1070 or e-mail us at assistant@ramosfamilylaw.ca to setup an appointment.

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